SEI smart classes are equipped with projectors for interactive learning. It helps improve teacher effectiveness and productivity in class and makes learning an enjoyable experience for students. Every concept is taught through amazing animations, powerful presentations and multimedia providing our students with a vibrant learning environment.

SEI is one of the few schools that goes beyond academics as we strongly believe in providing a well-rounded education. We have a huge playground with good infrastructure in place to ensure that our students develop an active interest in one sport or the other. Football, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Yoga, Karate and Basket Ball are some of the sports activities that are conducted during the working hours in school, and every child is encouraged to participate.


Every class has 2-3 dedicated sports periods. The school has 8 dedicated sports instructors besides a special yoga instructor. Our sports instructors are highly committed, and they work closely with the students to identify exceptional talent in a sport. Those students are then coached by special coaching instructors to represent the school in various tournaments.

There is no denying the health benefits of yoga. At SEI we have partnered with Yoga Bharathi to introduce our state board students to this ancient system of exercise and wellbeing by encouraging the students to practice yoga on a regular basis. We also hold an annual sports day where parents are welcome to see the abilities of their children.

Our VolleyBall, Cricket, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Karate and Kho Kho Teams have been very successful over the years and have won many laurels in District, State and Zonal Levels. Several SEI students have represented the state at national level championship games in basketball, volleyball, kho-kho and table tennis.

A group of vetted, well-trained security guards are posted throughout the campus and at the gates to ensure safety of the kids while they are in the campus as well as when entering/exiting. CCTV surveillance covers the entire campus - the classrooms, corridors, outside common areas and play areas.

There are lady attendants on all our school buses. Pre-primary children are always attended to by teachers and helped by lady attendants in the classrooms. SEI safety policy ensures that no student is left unattended at any time while they are on the campus or in school vehicles.

Parents are notified of the child’s attendance via the inSEIght app. If the child is not in school either full/half day notification is sent to the parent immediately.

SEI has a fleet of well-maintained buses with trained drivers, helpers and lady attendants. When it comes to our students, we are always extra careful. There is a checklist and attendance list for all the buses to find out who gets on/off and who is missing from a particular route. We are dedicated in ensuring that safety and comfort are provided to each child that boards one of our school buses.

There are lady attendants in each bus until the final drop point. All buses are fitted with speed governors to limit the maximum speed that the vehicle can travel at. Each bus also has a GPRS tracking system. Parents can monitor and track their child’s bus route real-time from their phone using the inSEIght android app.

Currently, SEl operates 19 Bus Routes. The details of bus routes, pick-up and drop-off points, time schedules and bus charges will be provided by the School at the time of admission of students.

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SEI serves only vegetarian food inside the campus. Both the campus houses a canteen that provides light snacks and essential stationery items as well. We also serve a simple but hygienic rotating-menu lunch daily, so parents don’t have to rush to pack a lunch in the morning.

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that appropriate tokens are purchased or they entrust the children with the appropriate amount of money. Drinking water is available throughout the day across the campus.

At SEI we have well equipped and maintained labs for students like Audio-Visual Rooms, Computer Labs, Value Education Labs, Math Labs, Science Labs - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We also have labs to conduct language-based activities to help students to learn new languages other than their mother tongue.

SEI places great importance on the health and safety of our students. Each campus has a qualified nurse available from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm and a well-equipped infirmary where first aid is administered. All minor cuts and wounds are tended to here. Any oral medication is administered only after the permission of the parents has been sought. Any larger medical emergencies are immediately referred to the nearby hospital.

SEI also arranges health promotion activities such as an annual check-up, dental and ophthalmologic camps.

SEI has full-time counselors in both campuses to listen to students’ concerns about academic, emotional or social problems. The main role of the counselor is to ensure that the students process their problems in a timely manner and plan goals and action. Our counselor also helps mediate conflict between students and teachers. This helps address the behavioral issues marked by the teachers thereby helping the teacher to understand the students better.

School Counselor is available at both our campuses. A student may walk-in to visit or schedule an appointment with the counselor as appropriate. Information is kept confidential unless the situation warrants it, such as when the safety of the child is in question. If required, the counselor will call upon parents to discuss their child’s behavior. Parents wishing to meet with their child’s counselor can schedule an appointment.

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