Community Service 2022-2023

SEI aims to educate students for life and develop in them a strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards the community. The school endeavors to provide multiple opportunities for students to connect with organizations and people who share the school’s vision and ethos and contribute to service programs in meaningful, productive ways.

Road Safety Awareness:

The most important factor of road safety is the need for skillful and cautious driving so that passengers, pedestrians and drivers stay safe .


"Don't let your life be destroyed by yourself" To give this message very loud and clear, Students at SEI performed a skit and made posters to create awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco. It was a program worth watching.

SEI Interact Club and Saksham Community Charity Work

Community service plays a vital role in the holistic development of the child. It helps students understand their individual responsibility towards society. Students of SEI actively participated in community service organized by SEI Interact club and saksham team by donating grocery and stationary to underprivileged students. Activities like this make our students prepare for their future by helping them learn what it means to be responsible citizens. It teaches students the value of serving others by being a part of the noble cause.

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