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Posted 12 months ago

Title: Social Science Teacher

Role: Teacher for High School

Board: KSEEB

Experience: 5 +

Location: Bilekahalli, Mico Layout

Job Information:

The Teacher will be responsible for presenting the State curriculum to the students, participating in parent-teacher meetings, record-keeping, and assessment. Under the direction of the Head of Department and the Principal, the Teacher will carry out the duties which are within the scope, spirit and purpose of the school.


  • Teach according to the curriculum specifications of the State board.
  • Invest time and effort in all students to ensure they achieve their full potential.
  • Plan the course curriculum based on the needs of the students.
  • Monitor the progress of the students and create a monthly report about the students.
  • Submit the report to the HOD to take further steps.
  • Give homework and assignments to the students based on the class topics.
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail and the ability to follow through with open issues until resolved.
  • Take on any other reasonable departmental duties and responsibilities as allocated by the Head of the Department.
  • Contribute to and further develop the department’s co-curricular offering, for example, literature club, accompany students on trips, etc.


  • Teach the concepts of government, geography, history, economics, civic ideals, and current events.
  • Inspire students to think critically about their world.
  • Ensure that the students learn to put current events into context and understand the world around them.
  • Plan lessons, assign and grade homework, and create and lead classroom activities.
  • Ensure that the students achieve learning outcomes that are above average in the subject of social science by instructing students in a clear, concise, and fun way.
  • Keep up with the best practices in social education and regularly incorporate it into the instructions to help the students learn.
  • The teacher should work multiple ways to use alternate strategies to help struggling students grasp difficult concepts.
  • Evaluating student progress and the ability to meet courses standards in social science knowledge and skills
  • Serves as a facilitator of learning, providing students with the knowledge and encouraging students.


  • Must have at least 5 years’ experience as a social science teacher
  • Ability to monitor/analyze and guide the progress of the students
  • Should be able to design and develop the learning materials
  • Ability to work with sincerity and responsibility
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to connect with the students
  • BA in – Arts & Humanities, Political Science, Sociology, History,  (Master Degree preferred) with a B.Ed. Degree

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