SEI Library

❝ The Library is an arena of possibility, opening both a window into the soul and a door onto the world! ❞

The SEI Library serves as a gateway to knowledge, creates opportunities for learning, and helps shape new ideas and perspectives that are key to a creative and innovative society.

The library presents itself as a lively, welcoming environment, thematically designed with vibrant colours and inspiring quotes that adorn the walls, making it a safe haven for both students and staff to enjoy for educational and recreational purposes. This space encourages students to read, research, explore, connect, and create.

Our Library houses a carefully curated and extensive selection of books for all age-groups that ranges across genres and caters to curriculum and pleasure alike.

The Pre-primary section promotes reading through its collection of wordless picture books, picture books with phrases and short sentences, board books, sticker books and activity books. Nursery rhymes and verse books are also a part of the stack.

The Primary & Middle School section resources include non-fiction stock intended to support the topics taught in the curriculum and develop student's interests and hobbies. A collection of books incorporating fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, encyclopedia, fact books, magazines and more are present to keep the students engaged.

The High School section is well-resourced with physical collections of teaching and presentations, journals and records and other curriculum supporting materials. It also showcases a good collection of history, fantasy, adventure, horror, fiction and non-fiction books to keep their reading spirits up.

Our library is supported by qualified library staff with a wealth of experience, their constant interaction with teaching staff and students help them to understand the needs better and stock the library accordingly.

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