SEI Clubs offer a wide range of age-appropriate activities that spark new interests for children, help develop leadership qualities , at the same time enrich their school day with fun experiences and chances to make new friends.

Antrix Club

The Antrix Club initiative at SEI is designed in collaboration with ISRO’s “SPACE TUTOR PROGRAM”. The goal of the club is to create awareness, interest and inspire young minds to inquire, analyse and learn about Space science. The program is designed to enhance curiosity, imagination, creativity and enrich them with significant exposure and insight in Space Science and Technology.

Enrollment is open for enthusiastic, passionate learners and participation is by choice and learning is by involvement.

Buzzworthy Club

The Buzzworthy Club encourages students to learn a variety of advance words and build up their spelling aptitude and vocabulary. In doing so, they also learn extensively about the meanings of words and different subject matters.

Community Involvement Club

This club aims to –
    Do good and Feel Good
    Learn and be aware of the community around and their issues
    Make new friends in the process.

Some of the Activities will include –
cleanliness drive, save water, plant trees, donation drive and various projects that will make a difference to the community.

Forest Club

The objective of this club is to instil an appreciation of our nature in the young minds. This will further empower and engage the students to be mindful of their environment.

We have activities like nature walk, bird feeders, understanding the flora and fauna, planting trees and exploring other such environmental concepts beyond the confines of school curriculum.

Kalakshetra Club

We value and cherish creativity. The process of creation is more valuable than the outcome. We offer a wide range of creative activities for the students which include music, dance, painting, drawing, theatre, puppetry. We have in-house expert teachers across to train the students in pursuing their passion.

Literary Club

This club serves as a paradise for thinkers, readers and writers. This place is where the students are free to think, read and write on topics of their interest and choice through various activities like pick and speak, conversation, elocution, public speaking, storytelling, essay writing and more.

The aim of this club is to inculcate a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills.

Scouts & Guides

The idea behind Scouts & Guides program is teach children sense of responsibility, dignity, self-respect , self-esteem and team work there by preparing them to become better citizens.

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