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Before applying, we encourage you to explore our program options and choose the option that’s best for you. If you have questions during the application process, please feel free to contact us for help.

How do I make an enquiry or schedule an appointment?
To make an enquiry or to schedule an appointment, please fill the school’s online enquiry form (http://www.shantiniketan.edu.in/request-info/). We will then reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

What is the admission process? Is there an entrance exam?

  • Parents seeking admission to SEI must come in person at the scheduled appointment time and fill the registration form and fix up a date for entrance test.
  • The entrance test will be based on the previous year’s syllabus.
  • An interaction with the admission panel before the final results.

Pre-Primary Section: No entrance test
Entrance Test

  • Class 1:  English, Kannada and Number work
  • Class 2 to Class 5: English, Hindi/Kannada, EVS and Mathematics
  • Class 6 to Class 10: English, Hindi/Kannada, Science, Mathematics and Social

Pre-Primary Section: No entrance test
Entrance Test

  • Class 1: English, Hindi and Number work
  • Class 2: English, Hindi/Kannada, EVS and Mathematics
  • Class 3 to Class 5: English, Hindi/Kannada, General Science, Social Science and Mathematics
  • Class 6 to Class 7: English, Hindi/Kannada, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics, Geography and Mathematics
  • Class 8 to Class 10: English, Hindi/Kannada, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics, Geography, Mathematics, Computer applications

What are the documents required for the admission?

  1. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (PN to I Std)
  2. SC/ST/CAT I/II a/II b/III a/ III b candidates must submit Caste Certificate of father and child.
  3. Income certificate of father.
  4. General Caste candidates to submit a letter stating the same.
  5. One set of passport size photographs (father, mother and child)
  6. Original T.C with DISE code and Student Tracking System number ( STS )( II to X )
  7. Permission to be taken from DDPI office for change of syllabus ( ICSE/CBSE to State ) for VIII to X
  8. Letter to be submitted for II and III language opted ( ICSE )
  9. Students seeking admissions for high school classes, should produce previous three years marks card

Are there cameras in the school?
Our school is under CCTC surveillance 24/7. Cameras are specifically for the Principals to use in monitoring the classrooms.

What is the security system you have at SEI to ensure the safety of the child?

A group of vetted, well-trained security guards are posted throughout the campus and at the gates to ensure safety of the kids while they are in the campus as well as when entering/exiting. CCTV surveillance covers the entire campus – the classrooms, corridors, outside common areas and play areas.

There are lady attendants on all our school buses. Pre-primary children are always attended to by teachers and helped by lady attendants in the classrooms. SEI safety policy ensures that no student is left unattended at any time while they are on the campus or in school vehicles.

How is the safety of children ensured during bus pick up and drop off ?

SEI has a fleet of well-maintained buses with trained drivers, helpers and lady attendants. When it comes to our kids, we are always extra careful. There is a checklist and attendance list for all the buses to find out who gets on/off and who is missing from a particular route. We are dedicated in ensuring that safety and comfort is provided to each child that boards one of our school buses. 

There are lady attendants in each bus until the final drop point. All buses are fitted with speed governors to limit the maximum speed that the vehicle can travel at. Each bus also has a GPRS tracking system. Parents can monitor and track their child’s bus route real-time from their phone using the inSEIght android app.

How do you ensure the child’s presence in school

Parents are notified of the child’s attendance via the inSEIght app. If the child is not in school either full/half day a notification is sent to the parent immediately.

What safety measures the school takes in case of injury or sickness?

We have a trained nurse to give immediate first aid to the child.

What curriculum does the school follow?
State and ICSE

What is the language pattern in SEI?

Class 1 to 3I Lang: English, II Lang: Kannada.
Class 4 to 7I Lang: English, II Lang: Kannada, III Lang: Hindi.
Class 8 to 10Option 1:
I Lang: English, II Lang: Kannada, III Lang: Hindi.
Option 2:
I Lang: Sanskrit, II Lang: English, III Lang: Kannada.


Class 1 to 4I Lang: English, II Lang: Kannada, III Lang: Hindi.
Class 5 to 7Option 1:
I Lang: English, II Lang: Kannada, III Lang: Hindi.
Option 2:
I Lang: English, II Lang: Kannada, III Lang: Sanskrit.
Class 8 to 10Option 1:
I Lang: English, II Lang: Kannada.
Option 2:
I Lang: English, II Lang: Hindi.

How do you help students who need Academic Assistance?
Academic Reinforcement Program

SEI accepts students with a wide range of academic abilities. Some students need extra academic assistance at various points during their school years. The ARP at SEI is designed to assist students when they have trouble turning in their assignments on time, producing quality assignments or are failing to perform at a passing level on assessments. Additionally, students may be placed on ARP when they are first admitted to SEI, following an extended absence, or when they need close monitoring for a variety of reasons.
SEI’s Academic Support Advisers will work closely with students in a step by step process by setting up Individual Meetings, Planning Sessions and Personal Counseling to help the child. ARP is always temporary, and the goal is to get the students to be able to independently handle academics on their own.

How are children helped to prepare for their board exams?

The Focus Group

The purpose of the Focus Group at SEI is to assist students taking their boards with their preparation and their focus. At the beginning of the academic year, Focus Groups are set up comprising of 7 to 8 students per mentor. The groups meet with the mentor daily for an hour and follow a formal curriculum. The mentor’s role is to implement the curriculum while guiding each student with academic monitoring and advising. Based on prior years, the students in each focus group form a Mutualistic relationship and help each other manage anxiety and stress. Further, the fortnightly cycle tests foster a healthy competition among the students and improve their performance.

What are the available labs at SEI?

SEI is equipped with Computer Science, Math and Science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology labs. We also have language labs for English, Kanada and Hindi to help students learn new languages other than their mother tongue
What sports facilities are provided?

The following sports facilities are provided:
Cricket, Football, VolleyBall, Kho Kho, Basketball, Table Tennis, Yoga and Karate.
Does SEI have an After school program?

Yes, we do. We have separate programs for primary and middle/high school.
Pre-Primary: We offer Dance, Match Dice, Home Work Assistance.

Std 1 – X: We offer Classical dance, Guitar classes, Keyboard and Classical music.

What are the co-curricular activities provided?

At SEI co-curricular activities are an integral part of education. We have Green Club, Interact Club, Sanskrit Club, Arts Club, Literary Club and Scouts and Guides.

How much opportunity do students get to participate in activities (sports, clubs, performing arts, etc.)?

SEI is one of the few schools that goes beyond academics as we strongly believe in providing well-rounded education. We encourage students to explore numerous activities and discover their passion. If students manage their time well, they have many opportunities to get involved.

Does SEI offer child care before and after school for preschool and pre-primary students?

Yes, we have offer excellent daycare facilities at both our campuses. Please visit http://specialme.online/ for more information

How will the students be assessed?

  • State
    Pre-Primary: 2 Mid Term assessments and 2 Term assessments.
    Class 1 to 10: CCE, 4 formative assessments and 2 summative assessments.
  • ICSE
    Pre-Primary: 2 Mid Term assessments and 2 Term assessments.
    Class 1 to 10: 4 Cycle Tests and 2 Term Exams.

Does the school have smart classes?
Yes, Our smart classes are equipped with projectors for interactive learning.
How are updates provided to parents?

  • Student academic updates including Attendance, Events, Homework, Exam Portions/Timetable, Results, Fee Transaction, Van Detail, Canteen Menu and News Letter are accessible through android application inSEIght available on Google play store.
  • We also publish Quarterly News Letters that provides detailed information regarding school activities and accomplishments.

Does the school conduct PTA meetings?

Yes, PTA Meetings are conducted on Second Saturday between 9:30 am and 11:30 am.

What makes SEI different?

SEI provides an innovative approach to learning, resulting in students who are well prepared, engaged, and proud of their scholastic accomplishments. Our students flourish in a challenging environment. We provide a well-rounded education that combines project-based learning, rigorous academics, sports and extracurricular activities.

Why Choose SEI?

  • SEI promotes a value-based education system and works towards imparting a holistic education.
  • SEI teachers are trained to focus on the individual and work with them to develop their talent.
  • SEI has all the facilities for technology-driven assistance to learning.
  • SEI Montessori classrooms are thoughtfully designed environments that encourage self-directed exploration and individualized learning experiences.
  • SEI classroom activities are kept interactive and interesting for the students and it helps children learn.
  • SEI provides safe and quality playing equipment and we promote and encourage several sports activities.
  • SEI provides exciting After School Hour programs for the age group of 2 to 16 years.
  • SEI’s extended day care programs provide before and after school care for preschool and pre-primary students.
  • SEI provides Emergency care for school holidays and closings, and exciting summer day camp programs for children up to age 12.
  • SEI has a team of friendly & dedicated housekeeping staff.
  • SEI has a dedicated nursing staff available at both campus during regular school hours.
  • SEI has CCTV cameras-live feed across the campus for parent’s piece of mind.
  • SEI provides van facility in 15 to 20 kms radius.

What are the school working hours?

School Timings
Monday to Friday:

  • Day Care:8.30 AM– 7 PM
  • Pre-Primary:10 AM – 3 PM
  • Std 1 to X: 8 AM – 3.10 PM

Office Hours

  • Monday to Friday : 8.20 AM to 02.00 PM
  • Saturday : 9.00 AM to 12.30 PM

When do I pay the fees?

  • Fee to be paid on or before 10th of every month.
  • Fine will be charged after 10th of every month.
  • Fees can be paid by electronic transfer or at the fees counter.

Does SEI offer sibling discount?

Yes, for more details Parents can call

  • Mico layout: +91 (080) 26689385, 26780381 &
  • Bilekahalli: +91 (080) 26484762,26484165

Does SEI offer scholarships?

Yes, for more details Parents can call

  • Mico layout: +91 (080) 26689385, 26780381 &
  • Bilekahalli: +91 (080) 26484762,26484165

What is the class strength at SEI?

Maximum strength per class is:

  • State :40
  • ICSE :25

Does SEI provide transport facilities?

Yes, the school provides transport facilities using School Van.
Are canteen facilities available in school?

Yes. We have a hygienic canteen and we provide nutritious food.
What are the school Help Line numbers?

  • Mico Layout
    +91 (080) 26689385, 26780381
  • Bilekahalli
    +91 (080) 26484762,26484165

Does SEI have a nurse on staff?
Yes, each campus has a trained nurse who is available from 8:00 am to 3.30 pm.
Does SEI have a student counselor?
Yes, we have a full-time counselor to listen to students’ concerns about academic, emotional or social problems.
How are national/state/special events/festivals celebrated at SEI ?

To create an awareness of India’s cultural diversity and develop national spirit, all important national festivals and special days are celebrated at SEI by holding special assemblies.

We celebrate all major festivals like Sankranti, Dusshera,  Diwali, Maha Shivaratri, Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, etc at SEI.  Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Kannada Rajyotsava Day, etc. all call for special celebrations. The Faculty and Students of SEI participate with much enthusiasm and gusto in all these festivals.

Apart from this, every year we celebrate International Yoga day in association with Yogabharathi https://yogabharati.org/blr.  Please visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/seibangalore/  for more details.

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