The School House System at SEI was initiated to promote a positive and inclusive culture. The system is intended to facilitate a supportive environment where all students are welcome and valued and can demonstrate loyalty and allegiance while contributing to the success of their House.

The House system creates a sense of belonging and fosters a sense of community throughout the school and instills the art of self-governance. Each house is led by student leaders from high school (captain, vice-captain), and consists of students across all classes right from the lower grade. Every student is assigned to a house at the time of enrollment into the school and will remain in the same house till they graduate. Each house has faculty representatives (led by the faculty coordinator) who counsel and guide the group throughout the year.

The houses compete against each other for points in:

Academic Achievements

School Carnival

Sports Events

House-based Activities

Performing Arts



Our primary aim is to involve all students and encourage participation at various inter-house activities.

To help the students to enhance their talent, aptitude, teamwork, leadership skills and inculcate a spirit of healthy competition amongst them.

To help the students to enhance their talent, aptitude, teamwork, leadership skills and inculcate a spirit of healthy competition amongst them.

To celebrate the success of all students who strive to achieve their best in all spheres of their life in school. To give opportunities to be rewarded for their efforts and achievements.

To provide students with an opportunity to interact with students from all grade levels.

To promote positive self-esteem, self-identity, belonging, integrity, and pride amongst all students.

To encourage peer support to help promote positive mental health.


For CBSE houses we have instated the four Brahma-Viharas - Maitri (friendship), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (joy), Upeksha (Equanimity)

CBSE House

In Buddhism, there are four states of mind called the “Brahma-vihara” or “four divine states of dwelling.” The four divine states are also known as the “Four Immeasurables” or the “Four Perfect Virtues.” These states are not emotions, and it takes practice and dedication to establish these states of mind. At SEI we teach our children that it is constant journey that take time and we cannot just make up our mind to be loving, compassionate, empathetic, and balanced. From the day 1, each child is allotted to a Brahma-vihara and that remains as a part of their identity and journey with SEI till their graduation.

ICSE Board

At SEI we have adopted the mythological beings to represent our 4 houses namely –

A few characteristics of these mythological beings that we derive from –

Phoenix – Visionary and big-picture thinkers, they are optimistic, trustful, and have unlimited energy. They are creative, spontaneous and great at building relationships.

Griffin – Diligent, careful, logical, and accurate - they take time to do their work, so it is high quality. They are detail-oriented and go by processes, data, and well-reasoned arguments.

Unicorn – Delicate and soft in movement, yet strong, majestic and fierce in action. They symbolize prosperity, peace, purity and innocence.

Pegasus – Goodhearted, naive but always eager to help. Known for their service and loyalty.

State Board

At SEI we have adopted the noble gases to represent our 4 houses namely –

In 1898, Hugo Erdmann coined the phrase "noble gas" to reflect the low reactivity of these elements, in much the same way as the noble metals are less reactive than other metals. The noble gases have high ionization energies and negligible electronegativities. They have no color, odour, or flavor under ordinary conditions.

To derive from these properties, we encourage our students to use their high energies and positivity towards all the activities with team work and cooperation. Even though the students are divided across different houses, we showcase that there is no difference in any way amongst them and they are all the same with no disparities. The loyalty towards the school is the one unifying factor.

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