SEI Clubs offer a wide range of age-appropriate activities that spark new interests for children, help develop leadership qualities , at the same time enrich their school day with fun experiences and chances to make new friends.

Green Club

The main objective of SEI Green Club is to enable the students to be sensitive towards environmental concern to tackle environmental problems and to reduce the environmental issues as individuals, as a school community and citizens of the world.

Scouts & Guides

The idea behind Scouts & Guides program is teach children sense of responsibility, dignity, self-respect , self-esteem and team work there by preparing them to become better citizens.

Literary Club

The aim of the club is to inculcate among students a love for language, enhance their literary skills and inspire them to express themselves through writing.

SpecialMe Club

SpecialMe daycare lays the foundation for toddlers to maximize their cognitive, physical and social potential. we are dedicated to enhance creative, compassionate and innovative young minds through our structured curriculum and enrichment programs that help toddlers build confidence for life.

Sanskrit Club

The Sanskrit Club at SEI is an initiative to review and promote the ancient language of Veda and Wisdom. The club also conducts activities such as Quiz, Handwriting, Essay and Slokas for students to enhance their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical knowledge.

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