SEI Clubs offer a wide range of age-appropriate activities that spark new interests for children, help develop leadership qualities , at the same time enrich their school day with fun experiences and chances to make new friends.

Stem Club

The idea behind the STEM Club at SEI is to expose students to STEM and given them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts so they will develop a passion for it. We make math and science both fun and interesting to ensure they do much more than just learn. We engage the students in a variety of activities in science, technology, engineering and math in multiple ways and in a supportive and fun more

Literary Club

The aim of the club is to inculcate among students a love for language, enhance their literary skills and inspire them to express themselves through writing.

Sanskrit Club

The Sanskrit Club at SEI is an initiative to review and promote the ancient language of Veda and Wisdom. The club also conducts activities such as Quiz, Handwriting, Essay and Slokas for students to enhance their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical knowledge.

Tagore Art Club

The main goal of Tagore Art club is to get the children to participate in both arts and crafts to help develop their creativity, imagination and learn to express themselves through arts and crafts. Art involves unstructured activities in which they can explore with their imagination, whereas crafts involve structured activities with a specific goal in mind.

Performing Arts Club

At SEI Performing Arts Club, we get the children involved in performing arts at an early stage by offering a fabulous combination of Dance, Music and Drama for all ages. By introducing children to these different art forms with a creative, performance-based focus, we provide an opportunity for them to develop creatively, physically, musically and socially.

Scouts & Guides

The idea behind Scouts & Guides program is teach children sense of responsibility, dignity, self-respect , self-esteem and team work there by preparing them to become better citizens.

Green Club

The main objective of SEI Green Club is to enable the students to be sensitive towards environmental concern to tackle environmental problems and to reduce the environmental issues as individuals, as a school community and citizens of the world.

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