About Us

About us

Every Child is Special

At SEI Pre-primary we believe “Every Child Is Special” with varying talents and we welcome the diversity that brings to our centers.
We ensure that your child experiences the highest quality care and education in our local community. Our dedicated staff ensures the over-all development of the children through educational games and other co-curricular activities.
We provide an environment where the child blooms with cheer and comfort, as Pre-school experience is the first long term experience away from home. We at SEI follow Montessori Methods to bring a tremendous change in the student’s thought process which enable them to work collaboratively, think critically, and to act boldly.
Each child is given age-appropriate material according to their needs and he/she is given attention as and when required. The goal is the child’s own drive and desire to learn. The child is neither pressurized to cope up with others, nor bored by waiting for others to catch up. Consequently, the child is happy to learn in the Montessori environment.
At SEI we have an extraordinary faculty, with caring, educated, and attentive teachers who are focused on each child’s needs. They treat each child with love, care and at the same time inculcate core values and life skills which would help children to lead a disciplined life in their future. Teachers act as facilitators and try to bring the hidden talent in every child. The teachers are promptly helped by the support staffs who act as facilitators and are available round the clock in the premises.