Director Message

Director Message

Mrs. Gopika Krishna

At SEI our decisions are centered on what is best for your child and we believe that every step in education is important for children to reach critical milestones that impact their future learning. As a school, we are very conscious of our responsibilities towards educating our children to be global citizens of the 21st century who are confident, knowledgeable and caring. We are privileged to play a role in developing your child’s love of learning and lay the foundation for your children’s success, both academically and personally.

We truly value working in partnership with parents to understand our children’s better, as every child unique with limitless potential waiting for us to provide the necessary guidance for them to shine. Each child is special, with his or her own talents and deserves individual care and attention to bring out the best and that is what we here at SEI strive to achieve.

Children’s needs change as they move through stages of development, they begin to explore the world around them independently, We provide plenty of opportunity for the children in our specific age ranged Montessori Programs to explore subjects, concepts, and investigate new ideas on their own to further develop their thinking skills.

As the Director Pre Primary Education, I am committed to ensuring that your children feel secure and enjoy their time learning with us. I look forward to celebrating the progress and achievements that your children make whilst with us at SEI. Again, we welcome you and your child to Shantiniketan Educational Institutions for high-quality learning specifically designed for your children in a unique educational environment.